The Wraith is a tank in WDL Thunder Tanks. It is driven by the Black Widow. Its special ability allows it to turn invisible when it is not moving or traveling at a slow speed, and a sniper mode that allows it to accurately aim at other tanks while invisible. It is armed with a Blast M Good "Hellion" Laser cannon.

While it's stealth ability makes it effective against drones and AI controlled tanks, it's primary weapon can easily be used to track it back to the firing location, meaning the driver typically must be careful with their shots or continuously move to avoid being located. The stealth system does not prevent landmines or homing missiles finding it. In addition to it's stealth ability, it is able to project a hologram of itself even while invisible, which can be used to lure enemy fire or possibly into a trap.

The Wraith

Black Widow

The Black Widow, the driver of the Wraith