War Jetz Was an Aerial Combat Game Produced By 3do

for the PS1 and PS2.

It is set in a fictional post apocalyptic game show hosted by Jimmy 'Helcatz' Jackson and Kate Maxwell, who also co-hosted WDL ThunderTanks alongside Chuck' Mad Dog' Clemens.

It features a short career and 4 different game modes.

Ace- Classic deathmatch first plane to get the apointed amount of kills wins

Bomb Fest- You must destroy things to earn points,

you win by being the first to reach a set number of points

Cash Grab- In this mode you have to get the set amount of cash before the enemys do

Capture the flag- You have to capture all the flags and bring them back to your base in order to win

There is also another mode in carreer only were you have to destroy a certain amount of a set target,for example in the thailand campaign, there is a level were you have to destroy a certain amount of blimps before the enemy does.

The planes are all owned by teams and there are nine planes in the game. All the teams have their own arenas scattered around the globe.

4 of the planes are available from start of career mode

all of them are available in multiplayer from the begining though

each plane has a primary weapon and a more powerful secondary weapon unique to it.

Team Location Plane Availability
Thunder Snakes Panama A10 Thunderbolt 2 From Begining
Flying Tigers Thailand Dragon fly From Begining
Bombardiers Rhine River B18 Crusher From Begining
Hellcats None A12 Raider From Begining
Freaks Antartica UFO Unlock
Jolley Rogers Australia Rocket Jet Unlock
TomCats New York Night Hawk Unlock
Aces San Francisco Rolling Thunder Unlock
Overlords Valhalla Marauder 2 Unlocked at end of game

The game does not feature 4 player compatibility which is seen as a downside when compared the WDL Thunder Tanks. There are a few differences between the PS1 and PS2 versions. Along side the expected graphical upgrades in the ps2 version, there is also some simplification, all aircraft have infinite specials and bombs, and most are limited to carrying the standard Iron bombs only, with a few carrying special types of bombs. In the PS1 version, planes have limited special ammo, which can only be replenished via pickup, they also have a limited amount of bombs and can also carry more than one type of bomb by collecting pickups. There is also an extra HUD to display how many specials the player has remaining.