UFO from PS2 select screen


The freaks, the two men in the foreground look normal enough, but the third, in the background, seems to be some sort of alien.

The Ufo Is a Ufo In WDL Warjetz

Its is used by the Freaks.


It is a white UFO that somewhat resembles the Milenium Falcon from StarWars

Its body looks like a 3\4 circle with a lazer cannon comming out from the center of it

Because of its thin profile it can be difficult to hit.

It is also the most manueverable plane in the game

Like the Dragon Fly it can also hover.


Its primary weapon is a 5 gigawat pulse laser

Its secondary weapon is an anti-matter charge, it fires large balls of plasma which vary in size depending on how long you let it charge.

weapon upgrades increase the maximum size of the plasma balls


According to an in game video, the aircraft is harder to replace than the pilot, though in the game there is seemingly an infinite number of them.

and according to another video

those who discover its origins are never seen again.