Target train

The target train in the training area, notice the rear cars are damaged.

Panama trains

The two armed trains in the Panama Arena.

Subway train

Subway trains, on the first New York Championship level.


A unarmed train in the ps1 version, on the new York level

Trains are an enemy in WDL WarJetz .


They are always found on a track and always with at least 1 locomotive, though there are several different freight cars,

They are a Monorail, except for the subways which run on normal tracks.

They always move around the track they are on at a slow speed while making a chugging noise

The these are all the different types of trains

Locomotive: A locomotive, the part that moves the train, it has a very odd appearance, with what seems to be either cannons or vents on the front. Without the locomotive, the train can not move.

Boxcar: a moving box not really anything particularly special about it.

TankCar: A red tank car, Explodes violently when destroyed

Target Car: a triangular car\locomotive with a target on the side, only appears in the training arena.

Flat Car: a flat car, usually armed with twin 20mm cannon turret or a guided missle launcher

Subway: A subway train that only appears in a few missions where you have to destroy them.


The table Below shows the arenas that the trains appear in and what cars they are pulling

L= loco

T= Target Car


FMG= Flatcar with 20mm cannons

FM= Flat Car with Guided Missles

X= Tankcar

Arena Consist Respawns?
Training Area 8 target cars No
Panama lower level L,B,Fmg,L,B,Fmg,L,B,Fmg,L Yes
Panama upper level L,B,Fmg,L,B,Fmg,L Yes
New York FM,X,X,L No
Rhine River L,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X No


Strangely there are train tracks in the Valhalla Arena, but no trains.

The train in New York contains a weapon up, and must be destroyed to get it,

unfortunately it does not respawn.

The trains in the panama arena respawn just seconds after they are destroyed.

If a car behind the locomotive is destroyed, the locomotive will continue to go around the track and when it colides into the rest of the train it will smash through it , destroying the cars but causing almost no damage to itself. this is an effective method to dearm the trains in the Panama arena

Destroying a tank car usually destroys the rest of the train along with it.

The trains seemed to be configured differently in the PS1 version.