Thailand is an arena in WDL WarJetz

The Flying Tigers fight here.


It is mostly a volcanic area and the multiplayer arena seems to be situated in a volcanic crater.

The Multiplayer Arena Is situated in a volcanic crater in a cross design.

Players spawn in each of the four ends of the cross.

Like San Francisco this arena also has frequent earthquakes


There are weapon upgrade hidden in each of the four ends

the N,S, ends have them hidden inside a building on a floating platform in the center, you must destroy the building to get them,

The E,W ends have them hidden in a building across the crater from were the spawn point is, again you must destroy the building to access the powerup.

There is also a fifth powerup underneath the large floating platform in the center of the map.

Non Plane Enemys:

Possibly do to the ground being mostly lava, there are no ground vehicles on this map

however, there are some blimps located behind the buildings at each end.