The Reaper Tank, the final boss of Thunder Tanks.

The Reaper is a super heavy tank in WDL Thundertanks, in the Ps2 version it is not normally accessible to the player. It serves as the final boss in the Tournament Mode.

It has most of the abillitys of the other tanks combined, as well as being extremely durable and resistant to damage.

It's abilities and weapons include a very powerful cannon like the titan's, the Manticore's ability to fire electricity, the ability to fire the kind of grenades that usually come with the Scorcher. Whether it has a limited supply of these like the Scorcher is unknown. The unique ability to switch between a stationary turret mode, and a standard tank mode, The Marauder's Gattling gun, and the ability to hover like the Dragonfly, (in tank mode)

It starts the battle in Turret mode, in the center of the arena, and will switch to tank mode as soon as the player either runs into it, or hits it with their primary weapon. It switches it's primary weapon throughout the battle, usually starting with the Manticore's lightning, along with the cannon. While battling the Reaper, several enemy drone tanks will also spawn in the arena, and will only go after you, making things much more difficult.

It is a fairly difficult boss that is not easy to defeat. You have to kill it not once, but three times to win the match, and even killing him once is difficult, due to it's incredibly high health.

It can be controlled by the player in the GBC version.