The Tomcats


Nighthawk from the ps2 selection screen. For some reason it is shown from the back, unlike all the other aircraft in the game.

Ps1 nighthawk

Night Hawk in the ps1 version

The Night hawk is a fictional stealth aircraft in WDL WarJetz

It is used by the TomCats


The NightHawk is a silver stealth jet most likely inspired by real life stealth aircraft such as the F117 NightHawk, which bears a similiar name. It is an advanced plane and it is descibed in the PS2 manuel as the "ultimate dogfight jet".

Armament: Its primary armament is 2 wing mounted, rapid fire 20mm cannons,

which are basically a twin version of the A12 Raiders main gun, in both sound and apearence.

Its secondary armament is a guided missle launcher, the missles can lock on to enemy aircraft and turrets,

although a skilled human pilot can easily dodge them by barrel rolling, it is advisable when facing human players to fly straight at them and fire the missles right before you pass them.

weapon upgrades allow for faster fire rate and the ability to fire 2 missles simultaneously.

Lvl one - faster fire rate

Lvl two - two missles but normal fire rate

Lvl three- two missles, faster fire rate


When firing 2 missles at a time, it is possible for each missle to go after a different target.

It is quite fragile and cannot sustain heavy fire for long, though it is still a bit more durable than the Dragon Fly.

upgrade level 2 and 3 will bring all but the largest aircraft down in one shot.