The Marauder 2.


The Overlords, all wearing gas masks.

The Marauder 2 is a Fictional Nuclear Bomber in WDL WarJetz

It is used by the Overlords.


It is a large, heavily armored, 8 engined, bomber, described in the manual as the "most powerful aircraft in the game".


Its primary weapon in a forward arc 150mm flak cannon, a large gun that causes massive damage to enemy planes.

Its secondary weapon is tactical nuclear bombs, which are equally as destructive as they sound.

Weapon upgrades increase the size of the bomb's explosion.

Trivia: It's name is possibly a reference to the Martin B26 Marauder, a twin engined medium bomber used in World War II.

It is the most heavily armored plane in the game.

When upgrade to level 2 or 3 it is extremely hard to not damage or kill yourself with the nukes,

as the explosions are huge and the shockwaves can easily take more than half of your health away if you are too close.

All planes, buildings, and ground vehicles in the blast radius will be instantly destroyed.

Ironically, in un-upgraded form, the nuclear explosion is so small it is hard to damage enemy planes without hitting them directly.