The Manticore is a tank in WDL ThunderTanks. It specializes in electrical attacks. It is driven by Re-Volt. It is armed with Maelstrom Twin Lightning Throwers, which as the name implies, fires bolts of lightning that can bounce of walls, but will expire upon impact with a destructible object or after a small period of time after firing. It's special ability is to create a Nano-Wall in front of it that can absorb enemy attacks- although this will only deploy behind the vehicle in relation to the direction it is moving.

The manticore

It is capable of a slow self repair when damaged using it's special ability (IMP 3 Self-repair Nanites), allowing it to remain operational for longer compared to tanks of a similar endurance.

Re-Volt, the Manticore's driver.

It is called the Hydra in the GBC version. Like the Banshee, it is also based on a modified M1A3, at least according to the GBC version.