The FLP-E.


"Bloodhound" the FLP-E's driver.

The FLP-E "Berserker" is a large, oddly shaped tank in WDL Thundertanks. It is armed with a fixed K&H 180mm Short-Barreled Howitzer, and it has jump jets as it's special ability. This allows it to fly for short periods of time, similar to the dragon fly, however, unlike the DragonFly it can also barrel roll and flip itself over. It can also drive upside down. It's jump jets recharge over time, unlike most tank's special abilitys. It is driven by Bloodhound.

According to the GBC version, it is a modified WWI tank.

Prior to thunder tanks, the FLP-E also makes an appearance as a playable tank in Nintendo's BattleTanx, an earlier game made by 3DO.