The dragonfly from the PS2 select screen.

Flying tigers

The Flying Tigers.

The Dragon Fly is a Small Helicopter In WDL Warjets

It is used by the Flying Tigers


Its primary weapon is a 25mm Chain Gun

Its Secondary Weapon Is Swarmer Missles, which are missles that fly straight ahead in a close pattern, 3 in a triangle for no powerups, 4 in a square for 1 powerup, 5 in a circle for 2 powerups, and 6, 3 of them in a large triangle and the other 3 spining around in the center of the triangle, for 3 powerups.


There is also a tank called the DragonFly in Thundertanks.

It is one of only 2 aircraft in the game that can hover, the other being the UFO.

It is also incapable of barrel rolling , instead it can strafe.

It has extremely low hitpoints, 1 shot from a B18 Crusher can kill it in 1 hit.